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A look at the most dangerous roads in East Tennessee | News

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A look at the most dangerous roads in East Tennessee

Along East Tennessee's highways and interstates, several spots are known as regular spots for dangerous auto accidents.

Based on data about fatal accidents from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, five roads stood out as the most dangerous in East Tennessee.

Highway 27 in northern Scott County

On an 11 mile stretch between Helenwood and Winfield, THP counts 11 fatal crashes in the last five years.

Highway 62 in Morgan County

Between 2008 and 2010, THP records four fatal crashes near Coalfield and Wartburg.

Highway 129 in Blount County: "The Dragon"

A favorite spot for motorcyclists and daredevils, the "Dragon" is a regular crash site. Between 2008 and 2012, THP county 13 fatal accidents along the windy, mountain road.

Lieutenant Don Boshears explains, many inexperienced drivers and bikers are simply unprepared for the terrain.

"Mountains, a deep drop off on the side...you're not just going to run out on the road and run into the grass. You're going to hit something, and that's the big difference," he said.

Highway 33: "Maynardville Highway"

Stretching from Knoxville to Maynardville, Highway 33 has been the site of 15 fatal accidents since 2008. 

"A truck hit right here and he fishtailed 2 or 3 times and hit this telephone pole right here and it flipped. He was perfectly fine but it threw the passenger out," said Joshua Seay, pointing to a spot near his Knox County workplace, All American Tire and Wheel.

Chapman Highway

Chapman Highway extends through three counties and has the highest fatality count among the five on this list. From 2008 to 2010, THP recorded 24 fatal crashes between Knoxville and Sevierville.

Drivers who travel the road daily know certain safety tips.

"You stay in the right hand land just due to fact if someone crosses over, you're not in trouble," said George Miller, who drives the highway twice daily to get to work at "Run to the Hills Tattoo.

To check fatal crashes on an East Tennessee road, you can click on this link to access THP data from 2008 to 2010.


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