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Crime mapping grows in popularity in East Tennessee | News

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Crime mapping grows in popularity in East Tennessee

An East Tennessee community is testing a program that allows the public to check where crime is happening in their community, by looking at a map.

The Roane County Sheriff's Department just recently started using the technology called Raids Online.

It takes the case information submitted by local authorities into their databases and puts it online in map form for everyone to see. It's a free website that allows you to figure out if a robbery or violent crime has happened on your street.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office began using it in 2010 and said it helped in big way. Knox County Sheriff's Office Captain Robert Hubbs said once or twice a week they'll get a lead through the program's anonymous tip feature.

"As crime mapping evolves as an internet service, I think you're going to see more sophisticated maps and more information," he said.

Hubbs added the program's been worth the department's efforts.

"It gives our animal control supervisors and officers a way to see if there's more activity in this area so maybe we need to be going back down to this area," he said.

Margot Kline, with the Council for West Knox County Homeowners, said the tool's already made an impact in the county.

"Seven Oaks neighborhood had some problems with thefts out of garages and they used the service and immediately the number of thefts out of their garages stopped," she said.

Roane County is using the free version of Raids Online. Knox County paid 2,000 dollars to gain access to added features.


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