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Broadway NYC comes to Broadway in Knoxville | Arts & Culture

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Broadway NYC comes to Broadway in Knoxville
Broadway NYC comes to Broadway in Knoxville

He's dressed stars in New York and now he's brought his Broadway costumes to Broadway in North Knoxville.

"I worked wardrobe and helped with the costumes and then also dressed a lot of the main stars, the divas," De Wayne Kirchner explained.

He worked his way through the Met, Radio City Music Hall, and Broadway.

He remembers one star who couldn't stand his cologne.

"I had to go wash it off and I still didn't get it off enough so we had to switch who we were dressing because of that," he said.

Most of his costuming experiences have been positive.

"You always have that bucket list of people you want to work with and so far I've pretty well worked with everyone I've wanted to work with," he said. "I've worked with Glenn Close, Gene Hackman, Richard Dreyfuss, Roseanne Barr...Celine Dion, Gloria Estephan, Susan Lucci."

He's also worked with one of his favorites: Dolly Parton.

"The first outfit I did for her was the red kimono she wore as the Japanese geisha on the parade that went through Pigeon Forge," De Wayne Kirchner said.

National magazines featured his Lumberjack design and her Cleopatra outfit.

Now his focus is costume rental for schools, churches, and the public.

He's gone from Broadway in New York to Broadway in North Knoxville where he shares space with Paramount Cleaners.

He calls is Designs by De Wayne Costume Shop.

"I have over 600 shows in my background so I know most of the shows," he said.

He has vintage gowns from New York and donated costumes from theater companies and of course he sews his own.

"I can make anything out of anything," he said.

De Wayne Kirchner has made a career out of costuming for celebrities, schools, and even Halloween.

Designs by De Wayne Costume Shop is open Saturdays 10:00 to 2:00 and by appointment during the week.

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