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Local pastor holds candlelight vigil for shooting victim | News

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Local pastor holds candlelight vigil for shooting victim


A local pastor held a candle light vigil Sunday night for the victim of a shooting this weekend. That shooting happened on Cumberland Avenue early Saturday morning. One victim, 35-year-old Adairius Boatwright, died in surgery later that day.

Pastor Mildred Westfield held a vigil in honor of Boatwright. She knew him when he was a teen. When she saw him in recent months, she said she gave him a big hug, and almost didn't recognize him.

"He said mama Mildred, it's me Scooter. And I said baby! Because you have to remember they were only teens. They were young teens," said Westfield.

Westfield held ministries at her own home where teens would come in, have dinner, and talk about the troubles they have seen in the streets.

Boatwright was one of these teens. Her main goal with that ministry and the vigil, was to put a stop to senseless violence.

"It is just a tragedy that we have accepted this. And it is time to stop. It's time to stop saying oh he was shot because of this or blah blah blah, It is just time to put it to an end. And you know what, we can do it."

The vigil started off with a musical number. Family and friends listened in remembering the man they called "Scooter."

"When I think of what a man should be, I picture him. I picture him. My brother," said Marcus Boatwright.

Marcus Boatwright is still putting the pieces together about what happened just days ago to his brother.

"This was senseless violence. My brother was not a violent person. You know. We all get one chance to grow up. What we endure while we grow up makes us who we are," said Marcus.

He said they made it through so much growing up. And it is devastating to see. But now, he feels warmth knowing that Scooter is with their mother who they lost four years ago around the same day.

"He wouldn't have it no other way. He smiling right now, He's up there looking at how much love he had out here. He's looking and he is smiling. He's right there next to God and he is next to his mother," said Marcus.

From one candle, to a crowd full of them, Westfield feels her community is one step closer to peace on the streets.

The vigil was also for other victims that have died in similar ways to Boatwright. A portion of the teens who would come to Westfield's home lost their lives to this violence.

The suspect, 35 year-old Marquail Patterson, has been charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder.


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