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Pizza shops get an early start for the Super Bowl | News

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Pizza shops get an early start for the Super Bowl


(WBIR) No matter where you watched the Super Bowl or the size of your party - food is always key.

And no food shows up to more Super Bowl parties than pizza.

12.5 million pizzas are expected to be sold across the country before, during, and after the big game. The Super Bowl out ranks New Year's Eve and Halloween for pizzas sold. That's why folks at Harby's were up bright and early to get started cranking out pizzas Sunday.

Long before kickoff - the team at Harby's was prepping for the big game.

"We're servants, we provide. That's what we're here for"

Harby's usually shuts down on Sundays, but not on Super Bowl Sunday.

"I've got a super combo that's got 12 toppings on it, that nobody in town puts 12 toppings on a pie. It's a very good seller, you're talking about a 15-20lb pizza," said owner Al Harb.

On a day when, according to the Wall Street Journal, Americans consume a record amount of pizza, Harb makes it his mission to get slices out the door.

"Pepperoni, sausage, ham, ground beef bacon, black olive, green olive, mushroom, tomato chunks, bell pepper, onion and jalapeno or banana pepper if you wish," he stated.

You dream it - he bakes it.

"I can make you almost anything you desire, other than anchovies. I don't believe putting fish on a pizza's a good idea," he said.

This North Knoxville staple has been in business for 17 years.

Loyal customers are a big part of why they've been open for so long.

"Anything you do in life - if you put love into it, it's going to come out right," said one customer on Super Bowl Sunday.

"The supreme pizza! It's got so much stuff on it and everything," exclaimed another.


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